The Small Bug: Life, Again

(“The Small Bug” is a minipost. Note how it is, in fact, mini, and how it fits snug in the palm of your hand. It’s so cute! Look at its little mandibles… and rows, and rows… of teeth.)

Hello, friends.

It’s been a long time. I’ve missed you all. While I can’t go into too much detail as to why I’ve been silent from this desk-steeped perch I can say that I have, actually, missed this place. If you’ve followed me on Twitter you know I haven’t been silent there if only because it’s easier to be “seen” in short bursts of activity as opposed to taking the time to align wood and hammer in nails to construct a blog post. Things have happened, and for that I’ll be changed, but in that (and also removed, if I want to take this levels and levels above any meaningful discussion) I’m due for some regularity.

On a comfortable note, a bear named Bear has abandoned the Earthen Ring ship and cast out his net to gather fish and any flotsam that float his way. After five years on Earthen Ring I felt it was time for a change: the server had outgrown me, or I had outgrown the server, and I no longer felt like I was enjoying my time there. Thus I began to fish for other servers and guilds and, in an instant, I found the first few breadcrumbs which would lead me to a new home.

In my searches I’ve found a new home on Drenden with Rades and his friends in TSU TAIN GUU FAITAA, a smallish guild full of people I’ve yet to find any troubles with. They are everything I envisioned my WoW-playing life to be and for their hospitality I’m so very grateful. It’s easy to find acceptance when you’re really looking – when you want and strive to be a part of a group people tend to fall into place around you. My net has caught a brilliant school of fish where I sidled up and assimilated; it’s hard to imagine ever not being there.

By the time this draft reaches the front pages on my blog I’ll have update my About Me and relevant links to any Armory characters I deign to include so that those of you with stalker tendencies (present company included!) know where to find me. In the coming week I’ll be writing regularly (I struggled not to put “again” at the end as my schedule never permitted me any sort of regular *anything*). While I would love to put deadlines for posts up, I think that’s best left where records cannot be kept so that, should I fail, I’ll only feel like I’m letting myself down as opposed to the dozen(s?) of you that read this.

In short, in summation, tl;dr: I’ve missed writing. In a time where any outlet is needed I have forsaken mine and have paid the price emotionally. As I trudged up the hill, boulder against my shoulder, a place to wax idiotic is really the most I could ask for even as I breach the hill and the stone falls back down the slope.

And to anyone who has set eyes on anything I’ve written and stifled a smile (or let one blossom on their lips) I thank you. If you never comment or ever get in touch with me know that, should we meet, the first round is on me. For those of you who don’t drink: the first round is, again, on me, but you’ll be driving me home. Just don’t get too upset if I start getting a bad case of grabby hands… It just means I like you.

– Bug


6 responses

  1. Oh Bugaboo, I love how the WordPress Bug is so radically different from the cool crazy cat on Twitter. On WP you’re so gentle and refined and I daresay sweet, and such a raucous little shit on Twitter. I want to take the WP Bug and wrap him in a blanket and schnorgle his little bearnose, and I want to take the Twitter Bug on an insane three-day bender so crazy we forget our own names.

  2. IT’S ABOUT TIME YOU BUGLOGGED AGAIN…BUG. I don’t even care what you write about – you are awesome at it, so WRITE MORE!

    (But, if you write about Forsaken, I will be extra happy. Didn’t you have some sort of Forsaken post in the works long ago?)

  3. Between this blog post and your attitude in ZG last night, I’m getting confused with da Bugs! I’ve gotta agree with Stormy–I’d take your Twitter self out on a bender, but your blog and healy attitude are so laid back it’s actually calming for me! (Yes, you have that affect).

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